Knowledge + Implementation = Success

At Moxxie Training Academy, we help you discover
your own formula for business success.


The Moxxie Training Academy is a one stop shop for your business training and staff development needs in Canberra and its surrounding regions.

At Moxxie we are dedicated to providing training for businesses that support the business objectives and your learning and development needs.

We can develop and facilitate the training in-house or deliver it externally to get your staff out of the workplace so they can focus on their learning.

We also provide business consultancy services, through Moxxie Business Services, in small business management, strategic and annual planning, financial management and performance management.

We are all about your success and helping you make it happen for your business.

Whoever said life was easy has never run a business

Being an entrepreneur and in business is a fulfilling experience, one that is exciting and motivating but also challenging.

Those that do well in business have worked out one of the formulas for success – never give up!

Melinda Varley launched the Moxxie Training Academy as an education platform to support entrepreneurs and business owners to develop the knowledge and expertise they need to build, grow and manage a successful business.

Coming from a background where education was a strong focus, Melinda believes skills and knowledge are critical in building a thriving business. You are not born a bookkeeper or marketer, these are skills that must be developed (or outsourced).

Melinda and her team of experts are passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed in business having owned and managed many successful, client-focussed and profitable businesses.

Melinda Varley

Melinda Varley

Director and Principal Facilitator



Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  Leading with Emotional Intelligence   As leaders we should be using those results that we have just reviewed from the State of the Service report as the impetus to improve the way we are leading our people. One of the ways we can do that is to engage more emotional...

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Your one-stop-shop for business training and staff development needs

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